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Illustration of a dog created by a student

Every Student Succeeds

Art is a universal language that helps students to better understand their emotions and learn empathy for others. Additionally, having an artistic outlet allows students to express feelings that may be holding them back in your classroom. Through art, we see an increase in student engagement and improved performance in the classroom.

Easy and Effective

The Video Art Library was created to support educators and inspire future artists! With a click of a button, high-quality, standards-based art lessons are ready to teach students! Each lesson is presented with step-by-step instructional strategies, rich vocabulary, and an opportunity to stretch the imagination. 


  • Easy step-by-step instructional lessons
  • Save time with done-for-you lessons
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You and Your Students Deserve the Best!

As teachers, we understand the struggle that you face every day trying to juggle and care for the well-being of your students. We want to give you permission to take a breath by providing you with professional art lessons that help your students to express themselves in an ever-changing world.

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from Teachers & Students

Deona L. Behrens – Teacher at East Farms STEAM Magnet School

Laina & Marin, Students of Mrs. Perry

Quote 1

Sami Perry is the epitome of a true artist, educator, and muse! She infuses her passion for creativity by teaching ART through the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Her personal portfolio and commissioned pieces are vibrant and functional landmarks in our community. She has given back to her community tenfold with all of her large scale events and support for education, the arts, and the greater good.

Sami has transformed students lacking in confidence and joy, into students who become active learners and leaders in their classrooms. She has supported countless students to be published artists! In addition, student art projects are on display at prominent spaces in our community for all to enjoy! Sami Perry redefines the art of teaching ART.

Quote 2

Deona L. Behrens – East Farms STEAM Magnet School | East Valley School District #361

Art Heals

In 2018 shortly after Christmas break a 9 year old student was enrolled in a new school. The students teacher immediately noticed that the student was withdrawn, distant, and depressed. This behavior was a result of a tragic car accident that claimed both of the students parents.

The student was placed in a special session where each morning they would draw. After a few short weeks of silence the student began to open up. This single connection allowed the student to share their emotions and start the healing process.

Connecting art and emotions helped the student get back their smile and was once again academically successful in the classroom.

Art heals. Art saves.

    Kid drawing with pencils
    Illustration of a dog created by a student

    At Mrs. Perry’s Art Studio we know that you want to make an impact with every student you teach. In order to do that you need to find ways to engage and connect with every one of them. The problem is that today’s teaching environment doesn’t make it easy to reach each student. Which makes you feel worried and unsure. We believe that teachers make a difference in a student’s life. 

    We understand how hard it can be to reach and engage students in the classroom, and even harder virtually. This is why we have created easy-to-implement Art lesson plans that reach every student.

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