How to Draw Rudolf the Reindeer

My Gift to You – Free “Rudolf” Art Lesson

It’s the weekRudolf ad image before Winter Break and all through the classroom…. you know the rest

Glitter and glue are dripping from the ceiling, and you need the break.

I’m just saying, the classroom might be a little crazy right now.

I know you deserve a break, so let me help you out. I have made Rudolf’s art lesson free to you and your students as my gift to you hard-working educators.

Rudolf is a very fun art lesson and perfect for December.

All your students need is a pencil, paper, eraser, and colored pencils. No Prep needed, just click on the link below and enjoy watching your students learn how to draw Rudolf. (It’s okay if you join in for a little art therapy too.)

If you don’t have colored pencils, any coloring medium will work.

Out of my appreciation for educators and my dedication to provide art education in the classroom, I’m giving the gift of Rudolf to you and your students. The art lesson video is a great lesson to use in the classroom or for students to take home and create over the winter break. You are welcome to share the art video lesson on SeeSaw, Class Dojo, or share in an email.

Encourage student creativity by suggesting adding on items. Maybe they want to add additional items to Rudolf’s antlers or make a background or a setting for him. Whatever your students decide to add will allow them creativity and put their own spin on Rudolf.

Use link to access video – Great for all ages K-12th grades Project Cover Image 2

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rudolf Inspiration rotated

Rudolf in 3-D

Happy Holidays!!

Sami Perry

Mrs. Perry’s Art Studio